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Original Content Publication Date: 01/13/2015


Think-Pair-Share is an instructional method where a teacher asks the students to consider a question or concept (think), turn to a partner in the classroom (pair), and share what they learned or their response with their partner (share). This article provides some strategies on how to maximize the benefits of this teaching method.  There is also a link to a separate video that discusses the method, as another reference.

Key Points

  • Explain why you are doing it.
  • Set up pairs before asking the question so that they are ready to go when you ask the question.
  • Announce whose turn it is to talk and switch halfway through the allotted time.
  • Ask a specific question. The question is the most important part of the exercise and will drive the discussion.
  • Give the students time to digest the question and form a response.
  • Roam the classroom and listen to the responses so that you may monitor the level of engagement.
  • Debrief by asking a select few to share what they learned.

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