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The top reason people start a side business may not be what you think



Millions of people starts side hustles on top of their 9 to 5 jobs. One insurance company conducted an online survey of over 4,000 adults and 1/4 said they have a side business and 2/3rd's of those reported that finances were the main driver of starting a side hustle and not passion. 

Key Points

  • Millions of people start side hustles because of financial reasons
  • Passion can sometimes be the wrong reason to start a side hustle because if your passion becomes your work it can negatively impact your enjoyment of it
  • Your side hustle should be something that in the least interests you and something you have experience with 

Discussion Questions

  1. What can be the effect of starting a side business that you are extremely passionate about?
  2. What are the most effective ways to fit a side hustle into your already 9 to 5 schedule? 
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