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The Power of Storytelling in the College Classroom

Original Content Publication Date: 01/09/2015


Sal S. Buffo, a psychology professor at Yavapai College, talks about the power that stories can have in a college classroom. Specifically, he talks about the benefit of seeing how different aspects relate to one another. This can become a more personal kind of learning. This learning can help students feel more excited about, and confident, in the subject matter.

Key Points

  • Using storytelling is a great way to start a class and grasp everyone’s attention
  • Stories help students relate to the material
  • Stories can help students connect to the professor and care more about what they are teaching
  • Thinking of your whole curriculum as a story can help clarify goals and provide clarity in what you need to focus on
  • Storytelling can be a great way to make discussions more meaningful


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