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The Awareness Test


It's easy to miss something that you aren't looking for, and this can have a myriad of applications in business education. The original awareness test features a group of people passing basketballs and asks you to count the passes of one of the groups. This is a fairly easy task, but it masks a person dressed as a bear entering the scene and moonwalking out. 

Variations on this original test show that there is always a moonwalking bear that we will not see, simply because of what we choose to pay attention to! Here are some examples:

This video introduces just a few new changes to the original format.
And this video changes things up with a murder mystery where almost every part of the set changes at some point.

Key Points

  • Learn to balance focus with vision. Some may see the bear but incorrectly count the number of passes, which was the original task. 
  • We see and notice things, people, and events we focus our attention on.
  • Remember there is always a moonwalking bear! Learn to ask yourself where the unexpected could be coming from. 


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