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The 25 Best Economics Podcasts of 2019

Original Content Publication Date: 09/18/2019


This article lays out the 25 best economics podcasts from the last year. Podcasts are a great way to inform students about the every day realities and applications of economics. They can serve as valuable and interesting supplemental class material. Economics podcasts range from highly technical all the way to being approachable by people who have little economic training. Because of this, podcasts can find application in any classroom.

Because podcasts are free and available from any internet connected device, students have the freedom to listen at any time and at any place, and perhaps more importantly, to explore further into economic topics that interest them. 

As always, the Learn Twice team is happy to search out a podcast or an episode that meets your needs. If you would like to use a podcast in one of your classes, please use the "Content Requests" tab on the left sidebar to make a request and we will promply find a high quality, relevant episode for your use.


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