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Telehealth Service Ro Tackling One Stigma at a Time

Original Content Publication Date: 03/20/2019


The telehealth company, Ro, seeks to confront stigmatized health issues one at a time. Starting as a men's health company geared toward addressing erectile dysfunction, the direct-to-consumer health company is now providing kits to help smokers kick the habit and personalized products to women going through menopause. Having received $88M in funding, Ro seeks to connect patients to all the products they need to address their often stigmatized conditions.

Key Points

  • Telehealth is allowing companies like Ro to reach a greater market of those who want direct-to-door health products
  • After receiving $88M in funding, Ro aims to reach those trying to quit smoking or going through menopause
  • Ro believes their greatest product is actually convenience solving many consumer struggles by delivering their products

Discussion Questions

  • What advantages does Ro have by addressing multiple issues with diverse markets?
  • Do you see any disadvantages of Ro's business plan?


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