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She’s 35 -- and runs a $3 billion company

Original Content Publication Date: 07/31/2018


Stitch Fix founder, Katrina Lake, never imagines herself as a CEO, especially as a pre-med student at Stanford University. But an interest in economics led her to, within a matter of years, receive a Master's in Entrepreneurship from Harvard Law School, launched her company as a personalized shopping service, and become the youngest women ever to take a company public and one of the wealthiest self-made women in America. In this article, she shares insights about her journey and what it took to start a company.

Key Points

  • Lake shares that taking her company public was not without challenges and one of the hardest roadblocks was raising money in an industry dominated by male investors
  • Just as the company was about to go public, the company was forced to reduce its share offering on the stock exchange
  • Lake has become a role model for women and mothers everywhere who are trying to make it in the startup world

Discussion Questions

  1. What are your opinions on the gender bias from trying to raise money for her company from male investors?
  2. Why are resilience and grit crucial for entrepreneurs in any industry?


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