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Samsung Sees Smart Homes As A 'Gamechanger' For Loyalty

Original Content Publication Date: 10/12/2018


Looking to maintain custmer loyalty, Samsung is looking to introduce more SmartTech for smart hometechnology. SmartTech will have the ability to perform simple household tasks such as starting the washing machine and turning off a hair straightener. As consumers are spending more time interacting with voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, Hey Google, etc.), Samsung believes it is not too long before people begin moving more towards SmartTech. Samsung plans to use this to their advantage to maintain constumer loyalty and keep customers from looking to other tech companies with more progressive and new technology. But there are also customer concerns that accompany SmartTech, such as:

  • Privacy concerns. The more technology is implemented into households, the more risk there is of hackers monitering what goes on inside of people's homes.
  • Time Committment. People want everything to be ready-to-go and don't want to commit to the time it would take to install all of the new technology themselves.
Samsung has been attempting contracts with contruction companies to implement SmartTech into homes during construction to avoid the installation committment for their customers. But there are still many things Samsung needs to take into consideration before releasing new smart home technology. 

Key Points

  • Samsung wants to release new innovative smart home technology to help maintain the loyalty of their customers
  • SmartTech can perform simple household task such as strating a washing machine and turning off other appliances
  • There are a lot of customer concerns that accompany SmartTech that Samsung has to take into consideration before releasing any new smart home technology

Discussion Questions

1. What is one of the biggest factors of maintaining customer loyalty?
2. Why do you think Smasung is so confident that SmartTech will help them maintain customer loyalty?
3. Why is customer loyalty so important to big tech companies? 

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