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Riding the RV Revolution, Outdoorsy Fuels Up with $50 Million in Fresh Funding

Original Content Publication Date: 01/15/2019


With more millennials traveling the country, trends suggest they would rather stay at the places they visit instead of hotels or Airbnb's. Outdoorsy, a company that connects customers with rarely-used RVs and other vans big enough to camp in, is quickly gaining traction in the market. After just three years, it has raised a total of $81.5 million and managed 31,000 vehicles. Now plans for international expansion, vacation financing and travel insurance make Outdoorsy an up-and-coming startup. 

Key Points

  • Successful startup, Outdoorsy, is leading the market with $81.5 million raised and 31,000 vehicles managed
  • Outdoorsy sees potential opportunities of international expansion into Europe, New Zealand and Australia
  • Through investor partnerships, Outdoorsy provides insurance and hopes to add other premium services

Discussion Questions

  • Where do you expect Outdoorsy to be in 5 years if they expand internationally?
  • Do you see any pros or cons of Outdoorsy determining the prices of each vehicle rental instead of the owners?
  • If you were hired by Outdoorsy as a consultant, what suggestions would you have for their business strategy?


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