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Pivot Table Excel Tutorial

Original Content Publication Date: 05/20/2019


One of Excel's many functions is that of being able to produce Pivot Tables that can be used to show great insights into data as well as be used for making visual aids.  The link below shows a simple and short basic tutorial on how to make and use a pivot table.  The 13 1/2 minute tutorial is developed by a full-time Microsoft employee and can be used by students to improve their abilities to make and use pivot tables.

Key Points

  1. From nursing to engineering, a pivot table is a great resource for just about any industry that even touches technology.
  2. Pivot tables are easily customizable and can be used to make visual aids and infographics.

Discussion Questions

  • How can a pivot table be useful in the potential careers of your students?
  • How else can you help them learn and discover the real-world applicability of other Excel tools?


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