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On Super Bowl Monday, 17 Million Workers Are Expected to Call In ‘Sick’



The day after the Super Bowl, roughly 17M workers will call in sick due to hangovers or even just a lack of desire. 62% of surveyed managers actually think it's funny but with all humor aside, this absenteeism, coupled with a drop in productivity from those who do show up to work, can create an overall loss of about $4 billion. A large portion of those surveyed believe "Super Sick Monday" should be a national holiday and 72% of HR managers agree.

Key Points

  • Roughly 17 million employees will call in sick the Monday followng the Super Bowl
  • The combined costs of absenteeism and decreased productivity could reach $4 billion
  • Many are calling for this to become a national holiday to prevent these financial losses

Discussion Questions

  • What costs do you think an organization could avoid by "Super Sick Monday" becoming a national holiday?
  • Why do you think 72% of HR managers agree with those wanting the Monday following the Super Bowl to be a day off for all employees?

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