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Observe Customers Where They Are

Original Content Publication Date: 05/28/2018


Observing customers in natural settings is a powerful experience for students. They discover new business opportunities. They increase their customer empathy. They hone their behavioral analysis skills. All critical entrepreneurial competencies!

This article outlines a short activity to help students to learn the importance of keeping the consumer in mind. It begins with giving the students details about a toothbrush that would be used by an adult and asking them to design a toothbrush for a child. Most will make a smaller version of the adult toothbrush, but this is not the best design because of the low motor skills of children. A video is provided to drive home the lesson. If desired, additional steps to this activity are provided. 

Key Points

  • Product design is more successful when keeping the customer in mind.

Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways do our misconceptions or assumptions limit us when it comes to product design? 
  2. In what ways can we observe or keep customers in mind, even if we can't go and physically observe our end user?


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