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NumberAI Raises $10.5 Million to Add Texting Intelligence to Business Landlines



NumberAI's software, Numa, is making landlines cool again by allowing businesses to automatically text customers back, gather data, and receive recommendations for change. The startup has recently raised $10.5M to grow the product and engineering teams since customers send nearly 55B texts to businesses a year and 89% of customers prefer text to calling or email. The product can automate texts based on FAQs, take orders, and direct incoming leads.

Key Points

  • NumberAI's cutting-edge tech allows customers to text business' landlines and the landlines to text back automatically
  • The software learns from customer-business interaction, accepts text orders, and gathers data to improve the business
  • The startup has raised $10.5M to grow its product and engineering teams backed by investors like Google's Gradient Ventures

Discussion Questions

  • Does it sound like NumberAI has just "reinvented the wheel" or created a profitable product?
  • If you were on the NumberAI team, how would you market a product like this?

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