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NumberAI Raises $10.5 Million to Add Texting Intelligence to Business Landlines

Original Content Publication Date: 01/28/2019


NumberAI's software, Numa, is making landlines cool again by allowing businesses to automatically text customers back, gather data, and receive recommendations for change. The startup has recently raised $10.5M to grow the product and engineering teams since customers send nearly 55B texts to businesses a year and 89% of customers prefer text to calling or email. The product can automate texts based on FAQs, take orders, and direct incoming leads.

Key Points

  • NumberAI's cutting-edge tech allows customers to text business' landlines and the landlines to text back automatically
  • The software learns from customer-business interaction, accepts text orders, and gathers data to improve the business
  • The startup has raised $10.5M to grow its product and engineering teams backed by investors like Google's Gradient Ventures

Discussion Questions

  • Does it sound like NumberAI has just "reinvented the wheel" or created a profitable product?
  • If you were on the NumberAI team, how would you market a product like this?