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NBA steps up it's global plans to take basketball to new markets

Original Content Publication Date: 01/18/2019


Hoping that Europe will someday become a hotbed of basketball, as China has, the NBA has been hosting single games in London for eight years now. During the most recent season, The Washington Wizards played the New York Knicks with a 101-100 victory in front of a 19,000 sold-out crowd. The league believes there is an entire world who loves basketball and the market is open to grow the league's game destinations to crowds internationally. 

Key Points

  • The U.S. is a little less than four or five percent of the global population and there is a whole world out there that loves basketball and loves the NBA
  • More than 30 percent of all its “NBA league pass” subscriptions are in Asia — offering fans access to on-demand content and the live streaming of games
  • India is one country NBA is now targeting for growth as well, with basketball now the second-fastest growing sport in the country, behind soccer

Discussion Questions

  1. How can the NBA grow its franchise by increasing access to live games to international countries?
  2. Can international access to the NBA affect the economies in foreign countries? How?


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