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Microsoft built a stylus for students as it goes aggressively after education market



For big tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft, the classroom has emerged as a battleground and Microsoft is fronting the competition with the latest release of the Microsoft Classroom Pen. Designed specifically for students and compatible with multiple devices, the pen will only be available for purchase in bulk orders and specifically for schools. This release allows Microsoft to take a step ahead of the competition in the education market.

Key Points

  • The Microsoft Classroom Pen is a part of Microsoft's strategy to compete with Apple and Google in the education market
  • The pen has a shorter stylus than the current Surface Pen, has a more durable tip and fewer moving parts making it more compatible for students
  • To develop the Classroom Pen, Microsoft's hardware team spent time with students in classrooms

Discussion Questions

  1. Why are tech giants specifically targeting the education market right now?
  2. Since Microsoft's new pen is only compatible with Microsoft products, what moves could they make to attract consumers who may already own Google and Apple products? 

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