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Matching Learning Outcomes to Assessment


Learning outcomes describe the measurable skills, abilities, knowledge and values that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of a taking a class. Often our courses are designed in ways that make it difficult, if not impossible, to allow students to physically demonstrate mastery of their skills and abilities. Instructors often have to rely on exams to assess knowledge a student has gained and to demonstrate their mastery of a subject. Writing effective learning outcomes and connecting our learning outcomes to specific assessment questions allow instructors to track a student's mastery.

This short video from the 2018 Empowering Teaching Excellence conference discusses these ideas and examines how to answer three questions essential to guiding student learning: What do I want them to learn? How do I know if they have learned it? What do I do if they haven't learned it?

Key Points

  • Learning outcomes should be specific statements or goals for student learning based on the course objectives
  • Effective assessments must be connected to the desired learning outcomes

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