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Landed Raises $7.5 Million Series A to Help Teachers Buy Homes

Original Content Publication Date: 04/05/2019


More than 200 teachers in California, Colorado and Washington have landed housing closer to their schools thanks to this financial-aid start-up. Landed has raised $7.5M in a Series A funding round in hopes to spread its reach to more locations across the country. With the increasing prices of housing and the stagnant salaries of teachers, Landed hopes to help even more teachers make sufficient down-payments on homes while taking a 25% slice of the home's appreciation.

Key Points

  • Landed finances homes for teachers who don't qualify for subsidized housing and can't afford to live close to their schools
  • The company makes their money as the homes appreciate or share in the loss if the home depreciates
  • Other actions have been taken to address the teacher-housing issue like educator villages or developments

Discussion Questions

  • How can a company like Landed affect the economy in these cities by helping teachers find housing?
  • What are the benefits of Landed's business model?
  • What are the risks or disadvantages of Landed's business model? 
  • Why would a company like Landed have so much success?


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