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Humans Wanted: Robots Need You

Original Content Publication Date: 01/18/2019


Despite common belief, a recent report states that automation will actually cause the need to increase, not decrease, headcount for many companies. Around 87% of employers report the need to hire and train more with the automation of their business. The main set back? The need to upskill a large majority of workers to keep them relevant and retainable. But how much could that cost?

Key Points

  • 87% of employers expect to hire more employees as they automate their processes
  • Talent shortages are at a 12-year high meaning that companies are in need of more skilled and experienced workers
  • 25% of manufacturing employers plan to increase headcount while 20% say they plan to downsize

Discussion Questions

  • What can employers do now to ensure they grow in automation and avoid regrettable turnover?
  • Do you believe there are pros and cons to a talent shortage? If so, what are they?