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How Microsoft Bounced Back

Original Content Publication Date: 12/03/2018


For the first time since 2002, Microsoft was named the world's most valuable publicly traded company. Three days later, Apple reclaimed the title, but Microsoft has not given up the fight for the top spot. Either way, Microsoft has come a long way since a 2007 Silicon Valley blog post stated "Microsoft is dead."

Key Points

There are several reasons for Microsofts resurgence:
  • Replacement of the CEO in 2014
  • Setting aside the windows priority for smartphones
  • Making cloud a higher strategic priority
  • Being more open to partnering
  • Having less obvious incentives to collect and store data about its users

Discussion Questions

  1. How does Microsofts resurgence effect their share value?
  2. What effect does Microsoft's resurgence have on other tech companies?
  3. How does avoiding extensive data collection on users help protect a company and its assets?