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Harvard University's ABLConnect - Activity Based Learning in Action


Activity-Based Learning (ABL) is known by many names and takes many forms, but the bottom line is that it is an effective tool to create meaningful experiences in education. Emerging research shows that ABL is connected to many benefits such as increasing the authenticity of learning, fostering motivation, revealing and dealing with misconceptions, and stimulating students to think deeply. 

Harvard's ABLConnect service provides a database containing hundreds of activity based learning lessons and activities across disciplines. The service can be filtered by activity types ranging from lecture to field trip, 10 research based learning objectives such as developing communication skills or learning foundational knowledge, activity length ranging from less than ten minutes to full semester activities and subject area.

The website also hosts easy to digest how-to guides to implement each activity type. These guides include the motivations behind using each type of activity, research supporting the use of each method, resources to help implement, and examples. In depth information on each of the ten learning goals and their benefits are also available. 

Key Points

  • Activity Based Learning (ABL) is an effective tool in education that is supported by research.
  • Harvard University's ABLConnect service hosts hundreds of ABL activities with easy filtering options to help find the right activity for your class.
  • How to guides are available to guide implementations of each activity type. 
Activity Database
Activity Type How-To Guides
Evidence for and Information About Learning Goals



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