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Facebook’s Secret to Recruiting and Retention Success

Original Content Publication Date: 11/12/2018


Facebook was voted as the #1 place to work by Glassdoor in 2018. In this video, the VP of HR and Director of HR Recruitment share why that is. (Length 40.02 minutes)

Key Points

  • Candidate experience is key
  • Structured interviews are more accountable
  • Once people are in the company they feel like they are part of a community
  • Address hard HR issues head on
  • Facebook uses machine learning to help shrink candidate pools but people will always be needed for face to face interviews
  • They ensure that people are in a position that utilizes their strengths and that helps them determine if employees will leave
  • Mission drives employees more than anything else
  • Managers are really supporters, not managers
  • Perks are to help employees with their daily lives so they can focus on their work
  • Facebook uses exit interviews but they try to predict people's reason for leaving before they conduct the interview and have discovered that the number one reason for leaving a job among their emlployees is that they simply are not enjoying the work anymore

Discussion Questions

  1. What stood out to you as something interesting about Facebook's HR?
  2. What do you think Facebook will need to do to stay in the #1 position for best place to work in Glassdoor?
  3. What are some principles that other companies can easily adopt from Facebook and inlude in their own company?


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