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Expert Blind Spots Video

Original Content Publication Date: 05/22/2013


Experts can sometimes forget everything that went into learning the basics of their preferred fields. They want to teach according to the incredible knowledge they now have, but don’t focus enough on how they got there. This is known as an expert blind spot.

In this interview, Kevin Bell (Executive Director of Curriculum Development and Deployment at Northeastern University in Boston, MA) speaks about his interests' in 'expert blind spots'. He explains what expert blind spots are. Experts don't understand that to get from A to D learners have to go through B and C. Technology and collaboration can help minimize these blind spots by helping experts and novices move closer together.

Key Points

  • Expert blind spots are when experts have a hard time teaching the basics
  • An analogy is shared about how professional athletes don't always make great coaches
  • Technology can help minimize expert blind spots


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