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Effective Teaching Strategies

Original Content Publication Date: 01/01/2019


This short article contains links to multiple strategies that have been shown to increase the level of learning in students. Instead of simply lecturing or preparing slides, instructors can implement small group learning, demonstrations in practical classes, flipped classrooms, active learning, problem-based learning, work-based learning, or student-led learning. Each of these benefits the learners by allowing them to apply their learning in different ways.

Key Points

  • Traditional learning tends to be through lectures yet there are teaching strategies that are just as effective
  • These strategies teach learners collaboration, communication, and employability skills among others
  • Active Learning suggests changing the way you teach every 10 to 15 minutes to hold the attention of learners

Discussion Questions

  1. Which methods or strategies do you feel students will respond most positively to?
  2. When have you experienced some of these teaching strategies in your own learning?


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