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Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager

Original Content Publication Date: 10/01/2018


Chieh Huang breaks down why micromanaging is so detrimental to progress with data and first-hand accounts. After starting his own business in mobile commerce, he found himself micromanaging his employees and began wondering why we micromanage, how that affects the employee, and what happens when we stop that micromanaging and let the employees think freely and creatively.

Key Points

  • Micromanaging employees tires them out and isn't productive
  • Allowing employees to be creative with some guidelines allows for greater innovation
  • Trusting employees is the only way to overcome micromanagement¬†

Discussion Questions

  • How have you seen micromanagement stunt the growth of a team, company, or group?
  • How have you seen the absence of micromanagement allow for the growth of a team, company, or group?


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