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Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters

Original Content Publication Date: 02/14/2019


Amazon has backed out of its plans to build headquarters in NYC after facing major backlash from its announcement that the deal was contingent upon $3B in government incentives. A few politicians and activists felt there were too many drawbacks to allowing Amazon to build the new HQ in Queens while the governor, NYC mayor, and others felt it was more beneficial to have Amazon bring in the 25,000 promised jobs. Amazon hoped for a HQ city with more community support.

Key Points

  • Amazon faced a mixed welcome from NYC when the details of its plan to build a new HQ there were made public
  • A poll showed 56% of New Yorkers in support of the deal, with 36% in opposition, yet Amazon still felt little support for the deal
  • Politicians on both sides of the deal are pointing fingers in all directions, including at Amazon, for the deal not going through

Discussion Questions

  • How would a new Amazon Headquarters and 25,000 jobs affect the New York City economy?
  • Why would local business owners be so upset that the Amazon deal didn't go through?


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