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Allergan Isn't Looking So Young Compared to New Competitor Evolus

Original Content Publication Date: 02/04/2019


Allergan, the company who created Botox, dropped nearly 4% at the announcement that Evolus is entering the market with their anti-wrinkle product, Jeuveau. Allergan, who owns about 70% of the market, is crying foul claiming that a former employee stole their secret formula and brought it to Evolus and they intend on taking the rival company to court. Evolus says that Allergen is making false claims only because they plan to sell Jeuveau at 20-25% less than Botox.

Key Points

  • Evolus has a new product that rivals Allergan's Botox disrupting Allergan's 70% hold on the market
  • Evolus plans to sell their product, Jeuveau, at 20-25% cheaper than Botox
  • Allergan plans to take Evolus to court for allegedly stealing their secret formula, though Evolus denies all accusations

Discussion Questions

  • What is the biggest threat for Allergan with this announcement by Evolus? Why?
  • Would you suggest Evolus continue with its plans to sell in the US by spring, or focus on the lawsuits?


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