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A ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Whose Team Sold Over $800 Million of Property Last Year Says He’s Learned People Really Want Two Things From a Boss

Original Content Publication Date: 09/08/2018


Ryan Serhant, a successful real estate agent in New York, shares that there are two things people really want from a boss. First they want direction, and then they want someone who is just nice. Ryan lives the golden rule of treating others how you would like to be treated.

Key Points

  • According to Ryan Serhant, employees want a boss that gives direction
  • Live the golden rule of "Do unto others what you would like done to yourself"
  • Lead by example

Discussion Questions

  • Do you think employees just want those two attributes in a boss?
  • Would you add any other qualities?
  • How do you think these leadership qualities change between industry and jobs?