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A Family's 'Culture' Type Trumps its Parenting Style



A University of Virginia study found that family parenting cultures fall into four main categories:

  1. The Faithful: Governed by conservative religious and traditional principles and morals.
  2. Engaged Progressives: Morality centers on personal freedom and responsibility. They are liberal and skeptical of religion, but value honesty and trust what "feels right."
  3. The Detached: They are primarily white with blue-collar jobs, with no college degree and lower income. They are less happy in their marriages and spend little time with their children. They are pessimistic about the future of their children.
  4. American Dreamers: They have a relatively low household income and education, and they "pour themselves" into raising their children and giving them material and social advantages. They hope to be best friends with their children one day. 
It is suggested that each group 'culture' influences the way that children are raised far more than parenting styles do.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do the principles of parenting culture mentioned in this article apply to an organization or management?
  2. What might be the pros and cons of each culture in an organizational setting? 

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