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About Learn Twice

Our Purpose

As Joseph Joubert affirmed, “to teach is to learn twice.” Exceptional teaching necessitates continuous learning of the “what” and the “how” of instruction.  Teachers spend much of their time mastering their understanding of their chosen field by researching theories and applications.  However, of equal importance, teachers must persistently learn how to guide students through the learning process. Teachers frequently seek out new examples, exercises, and methods that may be used to enhance learning in the classroom.  The purpose of Learn Twice is to assist in this effort of discovering and refining the “how” of teaching.    

Who We Serve

While the primary focus of Learn Twice is to support the members of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business teaching and learning community, in a spirit of collaboration, we also hope that other business faculty may benefit from this resource.  The purpose of the Huntsman School of Business is to be an engine of growth for our community, the state, the nation, and the world, and to enable students to lead lives of meaning and contribution.  We welcome like-minded colleagues around the world to use and to contribute to the Learn Twice initiative.

What We Provide

The Learn Twice website is a curation of resources from a wide variety of sources. Our team seeks out relevant content, provides an easily digestible summary, and includes a link to the resource. Faculty are able to quickly search through the following types of high quality materials, tools, and methods.

  • Teaching Materials
    • News Stories and Cases – current events, business news, and cases that may be used to show “real-world” application of business principles
    • Video Clips – short video clips that may be used to introduce topics to generate classroom discussion
    • Tools and Technology – tools that may be used in the classroom to promote student learning
    • Classroom Exercises – activities, assignments, and exercises that may be used in the classroom to enhance learning
  • Learn about Teaching
    • Strategies and Methods – research supported strategies and methods for fostering an effective learning environment
    • Assessments and Feedback – tips and tools for accurately and reliably measuring student learning and for collecting feedback about instruction
  • Requests and Contributions – opportunity to request specific topics, materials, or strategies; or contribute relevant content to share with the broader teaching community