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Student Coaching

Self-Awareness Tools

Develop and distribute assessment tools to help students increase self-awareness and begin to formulate their leadership voice.

Leader In Me Day

In partnership with the Foundation, we organize an annual event that invites “Leader in Me” middle school students to compete to use their leadership to make a difference in the community. The final round takes place at the Huntsman School,  where students receive coaching and mentoring from Huntsman students.

Executive Challenge

Student teams compete in an intense, multi-simulation event to test their leadership skills. Students teams will be tasked with solving business issues and providing recommendations to a board of directors comprised of USU alumni and leaders. These alumni will evaluate leadership performance and provide leadership feedback and coaching. Winners will be announced at the evening social, where students can network with alumni.

Books by Stephen R. Covey

“Not every student is going to become a CEO or prominent leader. But principle centered leadership is focused on teaching students to take responsibility for their lives, to work with others more effectively, and to do the right thing even when no one is looking.”

— Stephen R. Covey