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International Business Majors

MSLE 4250- International Business (1-3 CREDITS)

Provides internship experience in a career-related position approved by a faculty member in the Department of Management. No more than three credits can be applied to fulfill major requirements.


  • Grade of B- or better in MGT 3800 or MGT 3500 or MGT 3700, and advisor approval; admittance to a USU major, cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher, and completion of at least 40 credits


  • Repeatable for credit
  • Interns will receive a Pass or Fail grade based on work performance.

Internship Credit Table

Credits Available Paid Work Hours per Week Paid Work Hours per Semester Volunteer Work Hours per Week Volunteer Work Hours per Semester
1 5 75 3-5 60
2 10 150 8-10 120
3 15 225 10-12 180

How to register for more than 1 credit in Banner.

Internship Approval Process

International business students must submit the following information to the International Business Advisor for approval by the International Business Program Director

  1. A job description on company letterhead, and signed by the appropriate company official/supervisor. The description must clearly indicate the scope of the work to be completed, its relationship to the practice of business/trade/economics in an international context, the start and end date of the work, and the number of hours involved.
  2. Five learning objectives, formulated by the applicant, that relate specifically to the practice/application of international business/trade/economics. Objectives may be related directly to the functional nature of the work to be undertaken, i.e., sales, purchasing, finance, or to skills developed as a result of the experience i.e., communication, negotiation, leadership.
  3. Student will complete the MGT 4250 Internship Agreement Form and return the completed form to Huntsman School international business academic advisor, in B309 for course authorization. International Business Program Director will need to sign as faculty mentor.
  4. For the complete list of requirements and for the final report requirements, please view the international business work experience requirements.

Departmental Internship Coordinator:

Nathan Washburn, Associate Professor

Location: Eccles Business Building 420
Office Phone: 435.797.2273