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Finance Majors

FIN 4250- Finance Internship

Provides finance internship experience in a career related position approved by the department of Economics and Finance. Course will not qualify as upper division FIN elective.


  • Grade of B- or better in FIN 3400 and advisor approval; admittance to a USU major, cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher, and completion of at least 40 credits


  • Repeatable for credit
  • Interns will receive a Pass or Fail grade based on work performance.

Internship Approval Process

  • Find Internship
  • Obtain a signed offer letter, on company letterhead, from the employer and provide a copy to the department internship coordinator.
  • Offer Letter must contain the following information:
    • Student's full name
    • Student's A number
    • Student's contact information
    • Supervisor's name and contact information
    • Internship location
    • Internship title
    • Dates of internship
    • Number of hours expected to work each week
    • Distinguish if the internship is paid or volunteer
    • Description of duties
  • The internship offer will be reviewed by a department committee.
  • The student will receive an email notification of the approval/denial of the internship. The email will instruct the student to register for FIN 4250 for 1-9 credits. How to register for more than 1 credit in Banner.
  • FIN 4250 is graded as pass/fail.
  • The student must complete the internship during the semester of registration.

Internship Credit Table

The number of credits available depends on the hours spent working.

Credits Available Paid Work Hours per Week Paid Work Hours per Semester Volunteer Work Hours per Week Volunteer Work Hours per Semester
2 10 150 8-10 120
3 15 225 10-12 180
4 20 300 16 240
5 25 375 20 300
6 30 450 24 360
7 35 525 28 420
8-9 40 600 32 480

Departmental Internship Coordinator:

Ben Blau, Associate Professor

Location: Eccles Business Building 603
Office Phone: 435.797.2340