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Huntsman School of Business faculty are actively engaged in many and varied research endeavors.  This research is typically subjected to rigorous peer review processes leading to initial publication in leading academic journals.  Contemporary academic publication style necessarily focuses on methodology, data, and statistical findings.  While essential to document and support research, it is sometimes difficult for the business community to access and interpret the significance of a particular research finding.

With the foregoing in mind, Impact@Huntsman is our attempt to share research findings of Huntsman faculty in a more reader-friendly format.  We hope this will result in the transfer of discovery and knowledge to our many students, alumni, friends, and beyond.

We encourage interested readers to reach out to faculty members who have shared their work herein.  They are anxious to share ideas and expand their own horizons by meaningful interaction with the broader business community.


Research by Huntsman MIS Faculty Magno Queiroz published in prestigious Information Systems Journals.

A research article, published in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, investigates how organizations pursuing different business strategies can ge…

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Managing Entitled Employees

In today’s workplace, more and more employees are displaying feelings of entitlement which is creating problems and frustrations for managers. Entitled individuals have a unique way of interacting and…

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