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Business professor makes student success priority

The Utah Statesman

By Stacey Worster

From his career beginnings working as a technical engineer to raising a family and going back to school for his MBA, Dan Holland’s life has been full of unexpected turns. However, students won’t find him complaining.

Holland was recently named the Huntsman School of Business Teacher of the Year, and is an assistant entrepreneurship professor in the Huntsman School of Business.

“I got my undergrad at BYU in electrical engineering and then worked mainly with software development at various companies. It wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I headed back to BYU to get my MBA,” Holland said. “My career path changed rapidly and went all different directions until I found what I was passionate about. It was a fun process and I try to instill in my students that they have the privilege to try different things until they find their niche.”

Holland has worked on various different research projects in the business field and said he enjoys his job thoroughly. He likes teaching, but he also like hands-on work.

“Half of my job is teaching and the other half is research and service,” Holland said. “I do a lot of entrepreneurship decision making is what I focus on, and why entrepreneurs persist with the decisions they make.” 

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