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Marketing Experts: Important tips on avoiding “green marketing myopia”

Scaling Green

By Lowell F. 

Recently, I read a fascinating article on green marketing (Promoting the Value of Sustainably Minded Purchase Behaviors) by Professors Cathy Hartman and Edwin R. Stafford of the Center for the Market Diffusion of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology at Utah State University. The gist of the argument Stafford and Hartman are making is threefold:

Corporations “readily recognize the value of becoming more sustainable…because they see how sustainability can benefit them”
Consumers, in contrast, “remain stubbornly indifferent or antagonistic about going green,” saying it’s too “hippie,” “elitist,” “feminine,” “inferior,” “costly,” “not aligned with their values,” etc.

To help remedy this situation, “marketers must tap into the target audience’s values and align green attributes with sought-after consumer benefits” (e.g., cost, energy savings, health and safety, better performance, status and prestige) and not focus “too much on greenness.” 

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