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USU Opens New Regional Campus and Distance Education Building

Editor's Note: Angie Thompson, mentioned in the story featured below, is a Huntsman student. 

The Herald Journal

By Kevin Opsahl

Utah State University student Angie Thompson admits she has a tough balancing act.

An accounting major who will likely graduate in 2013, Thompson is a young single mother of three who recently moved to Logan after taking classes at the USU campus in Delta.

Despite a few personal setbacks along the way, she has almost received credits for a degree that has taken nearly 10 years to earn. 

“It is very time consuming. The way I figure it is that I have two priorities: My kids and school,” Thompson said Wednesday before speaking at the “virtual ribbon cutting” for the new cutting-edge Distance Education Building at the USU Logan campus. “I have to juggle back and forth (with) what’s more important. Sometimes my sister will watch the kids for a couple of days straight if there are final (exams), so I won’t see them. But even though it’s a challenge, that’s my motivator.”

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