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Nicole Forsgren

Nicole Forsgren

Assistant Professor
Departments: Management Information Systems, School of Accountancy
Location:  Business 718
Office Phone:  435.797.3479
Fax:  435.797.2351


Ph.D., University of Arizona
MAcc., University of Arizona
B.S., Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Utah State University, 2001


Nicole Forsgren is considered an expert in the work, tools, knowledge sharing, and communication of technical professionals and has served as chair of WiAC '12, CHIMIT ’10, and several USENIX LISA program committees. Her background spans user experience, enterprise storage (specializing in RAID performance), cost allocation, and systems design and development, Nicole has worked with large and small corporations across many industries and government. She holds a PhD in Management Information Systems and a Masters in Accounting from the University of Arizona. She is a member of USENIX, ACM, AIS, AAA, LOPSA, and CSST. Nicole is currently an Assistant Professor of MIS and Accounting at Utah State University and her public work includes technical white papers, a patent, newsletter articles, and academic research papers. She has been a featured speaker at industry and academic events and was involved in the organization of the the Silicon Valley Women in Tech group as well as co-chair of the first USENIX Women in Advanced Computing Summit.

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Name Title Phone Location Email
Chudoba, Kathy Management Information Systems Graduate Director and Associate Professor 435.797.2344 Business 703
Conrad, Polly Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 303
Cook, Debbie Lecturer 435.797.9475 Business 303
Doyle, Jeffrey George S. Eccles Chair in Capital Markets Research, Professor 435.797.2882 Business 814
Drake, Leston Adjunct Professor 435.755.5996 N/A
Dupin-Bryant, Pamela Professor 435.797.3606 UMC 5035
Fadel, Kelly Associate Professor 435.797.2348 Business 707
Forsgren, Nicole Assistant Professor 435.797.3479 Business 718
Grange, Vance Associate Professor
FPA advisor
435.797.2702 Business 805
Hawley, Eric Adjunct Professor 435.797.8146 SER 101
Hunt, Rhett Lecturer 435.722.1767 UMC 5035
Jenson, Richard Professor 435.797.2335 Business 804
Johnson, Jeffrey Associate Professor 435.797.2350 Business 706
Johnson, John Professor 435.797.2341 Business 708
Jones, Susan Adjunct Professor 435.797.2288 Business 719
Kim, Yong Seog Professor 435.797.2271 Business 710
Larsen, Marianna Principal Lecturer 435.797.1915 Business 303A
Mills, Robert Associate Professor and Interim Director of MIS Graduate Program 435.797.7480 Business 705
Mosman, Carol Staff Assistant 435.797.2334 Business 815
Olsen, David Department Head and Professor 435.797.2349 Business 711
Paper, David Professor 435.797.2456 Business 714
Price, Richard Assistant Professor 435.797.8352 Business 812
Rasmussen, Teri Assistant to the Department Head 435.797.2330 Business 815
Seidel, Timothy A. Assistant Professor 435.797.2993 Business 818
Shuman, Frank Principal Lecturer
IMA advisor
435.797.2339 Business 808
Simon, Chad Assistant Professor 435.797.9055 Business 807
Skousen, Chris Associate Professor 435.797.2429 Business 806
Stephens, Nate Associate Professor 435.797.8016 Business 803
Ugray, Zsolt Associate Professor 435.797.8132 Business 716
Villarreal, Bonnie Lecturer, MAcc Director & Advisor, Beta Alpha Psi Advisor 435.797.3958 Business 816
Walther, Larry Department Head, and EY Professor 435.797.8697 Business 815
Watterson-Balls, Taci Sr. Staff Assistant and President - Classified Employees Association 435.797.2342 Business 715
Weeks, John Adjunct Faculty 435.797.7133 JQL 230
Woolstenhulme, Karen Senior Lecturer 435.722.2294 UMC 5035