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Eric Hawley

Eric Hawley

Adjunct Professor
Departments: Management Information Systems
Location:  SER 101
Office Phone:  435.797.8146


Ph.D., Philosophy in Education, Utah State University, 2008
MS, Business Information Systems, Utah State University, 2002
BS, Computer Engineering, Utah State University, 1999


Eric Hawley is the Chief information Officer and Associate Vice President for Information Technology at Utah State University (USU) and an Adjunct Professor in the Huntsman College of Business. Dr. Hawley’s executive responsibilities include providing strategic information systems (IS) direction to the institution and focusing the efforts of approximately 90 full time employees in support of the University’s mission. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Education, a Business Masters degree, and a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. Dr. Hawley’s focus over the last six years has been a strategic and comprehensive restructuring of all information systems, services and policies focusing on benefit to the overall institution. This effort has created a successful unified approach to a broad range of information systems and services. In addition to his executive roles, he enjoys teaching strategic IS management, technology, e-commerce, and financial topics, presenting by invitation nationally. He prefers being known simply as Eric, an average father of five, who just happens to be able to explain a lot of acronyms. People enjoy his humor and ability to share useful information with everyone, especially “non-techies!”

Name Title Phone Location Email
Beaulieu, Tanya Y. Assistant Professor 435.797.3479 BUS 718
Brown, Lindi MMIS Program Director & Advisor 435.797.2295 Business 719
Chudoba, Kathy Management Information Systems Graduate Director and Associate Professor 435.797.2344 Business 703
Conrad, Polly Lecturer 435.797.2898 Business 303
Cook, Debbie Lecturer 435.797.9475 Business 303A
Drake, Leston Adjunct Professor 435.755.5996 N/A
Dupin-Bryant, Pamela Professor 435.797.3606 UMC 5035
Fadel, Kelly Associate Professor 435.797.2348 Business 705
Hawley, Eric Adjunct Professor 435.797.8146 SER 101
Johnson, Jeffrey Associate Professor 435.797.2350 Business 706
Johnson, John Professor 435.797.2341 Business 708
Jones, Susan Adjunct Professor
Kim, Inchan Visiting Assistant Professor 435-797-4723 BUS 707
Kim, Yong Seog Professor 435.797.2271 Business 710
Larsen, Marianna Principal Lecturer 435.797.1915 Business 303A
Mills, Robert Associate Professor and Interim Director of MIS Graduate Program 435.797.7480 Business 705
Olsen, David Department Head and Professor 435.797.2349 Business 711
Paper, David Professor 435.797.2456 Business 714
Ugray, Zsolt Associate Professor 435.797.8132 Business 716
Watterson-Balls, Taci Sr. Staff Assistant and President - Classified Employees Association 435.797.2342 Business 715
Weeks, John Adjunct Faculty 435.797.7133 JQL 230
Woolstenhulme, Karen Senior Lecturer 435.722.2294 UMC 5035