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Erin Mann

Erin Mann

Alumni Engagement Coordinator
Administration: External Affairs, Huntsman School Marketing
Location:  BUS 315
Office Phone:  435-797-2707


BS, Marketing & Economics, Utah State University, 2013


Erin Mann graduated with her BS in Marketing and Economics from Utah State University. During her time as a student at the Huntsman School of Business, Erin was a member of the Huntsman Scholar Program, Business Council, and Business Ambassadors.

Erin hails from Centerville, Utah. She is married to Kevin Mann and is an active cyclist and snow skier.

Name Title Phone Location Email
Baldwin, Ryan Associate Director of Development 435.797.2143 Business 315
Beckert, Lance Associate Director of Development 435.797.2386 Business 315
Frisby, Hilary Art Director 435.797.8319 Business 315
Gibbons, Shara Webmaster 435.797.2308 Business 315
Heywood, Klydi Marketing Coordinator 435-797-7901 Business 315
Hunsaker, Trisha Marketing Coordinator 435.797.2347 BUS 317
Loveland, Dannon Employer Relations Coordinator 435.797.3624 Business 315
Mann, Erin Alumni Engagement Coordinator 435-797-2707 BUS 315
Meacham, Brent Marketing Coordinator 435.797.2778 Business 315
Patel, Dave Associate Dean of Student & External Affairs 435.797.7878 Business 315
Rice, Kevin Executive Director of Corporate Partnerships & Community Relations 435.797.2645 Business 315
Wheelwright, Robin Staff Assistant 435-797-0887 Business 315