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Huntsman Marketing Association

Making the Transition from CLASS to CAREER

What We Do

The Huntsman Marketing Association offers extra, real-world experiences, marketing practice, and skills you don't learn in regular classes. Come learn from industry professionals, get connected with relevant job opportunities, and make new friends who share your interest in marketing.

How to Join

1. Pass MSLE 3500 (Fundamentals of Marketing)  -or- Declare a Marketing Major

2. Register for the 1 credit HMA class MSLE 2800 (CRN 45065) held in room 220 HH Thursdays at 3:30-4:45 pm HH.
Counts as Marketing Major Elective Credit

Why Join

The Huntsman Marketing Association aims to ensure every member has the right marketing experience to jump start their career before graduating. Join to experience exclusive opportunities to interact with potential employers, cultivate a range of relevant skills, network with fellow marketing minded students, and practice solving real-world marketing problems. Our outstanding team is pulling all of their extensive resources to recruit local, state, and national marketers who will come to Utah State and talk to us. Click here to view Course Brochure.

Each month in class, you will learn:

  • Relevant skills that employers are looking for to boost your resume (i.e. SEO, Adwords, Adobe Creative Suite, Social Analytics, Market Research Practices, etc…)  *Skills will change each semester
  • Hands-on Marketing Challenges/Activities
  • Industry expertise from Guest Speakers
  • A new perspective into potential marketing careers

If you are serious about your future in marketing, then don't pass up the opportunity to be a part of HMA.