2014-15 School Year Membership

We are glad that you are interested in becoming a member of the Huntsman Marketing Association (HMA). Becoming a member will give you great opportunities to network with companies in an out of Utah, meet new people and be able to market yourself better.

There is a membership fee to join this club and participate in ALL of our activities and events. However, if you choose not to becoming a paying member of HMA, there are still several on-campus activities you'll be able to participate in. The membership fee gives you access to networking dinners, career exploration trips, and an HMA t-shirt.

You will be contacted by a HMA officer once this form has been completed.

Membership Fees (2014-2015)

Paying members will receive 1 HMA t-shirt, invitations to networking dinners, career exploration trips.

  • Two Semesters (fall and spring $20

Huntsman HMA Membership

Cost: $20.00