Graduate Program Offerings

The Huntsman School offers seven full-time on-campus programs and three part-time programs for working executives. Three concurrent degree programs are also available.

Details about how each program is offered and the duration of each program is outlined below in the table.

Program Name On-campus Part-time Programs Dual Degree Programs
Master of Accounting (MAcc) 1-year    
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Executive: 2 years
Online:  1-2 years

Master of Data Analytics (MDATA) 2-year


Master of Human Resources (MHR) 16 months Professional: 16 months or 2 years MHR/MBA or MHR/MMIS
Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) 12-16 months   MHR/MMIS or MMIS/MBA
Master of Science in Economics (MSE) 1-2 years    
Master of Financial Economics (MFE) 1-year