Graduate Program Offerings

The Huntsman School offers six full-time on-campus programs and three part-time programs for working executives. Three concurrent degree programs are also available.

Details about how each program is offered and the duration of each program is outlined below in the table.

Program Name On-campus Part-time Programs Dual Degree Programs
Master of Accounting (MAcc) 1-year    
Master of Business Administration (MBA)  

Executive: 2 years
Online:  1-2 years

Master of Data Analytics (MDATA) 2-year


Master of Human Resources (MHR) 16 months Professional: 16 months or 2 years MHR/MBA or MHR/MMIS or MHR/MDATA
Master of Management Information Systems (MMIS) 12-16 months   MHR/MMIS or MMIS/MBA
Master of Science in Economics (MSE) 1-2 years    
Master of Financial Economics (MFE) 1-year    

MMIS Graduate Certificates

Opportunities in the information systems and technology sectors continue to be among the hottest and most rewarding across the job market. Students can choose to earn a stand-alone certificate by completing the requirements for a specific certificate or combine two certificates with capstone classes to receive the MMIS degree.

For nontechnical backgrounds, learn foundational database, programming, and analytics skills.

Web application and how to design, develop, and deploy data-driven web applications in the latest client/server-side frameworks.

Understand and apply secure practices that reduce corporate risk, in any IT/IS field. Sets students up for careers in proactive defense.

SQL, Agile project management tools, Python, JavaScript, web-based APIs, and cloud architecture.

Programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence, visualization, and data mining using the latest technologies.