South America Summer Program


Application Deadline: Application Closed

Program Dates

On-campus: May 4-27, 2015
Travel period: May 30-June 17, 2015


One of the most economically dynamic regions in the world, South America is rich in natural resources and agricultural products. It feeds the world’s appetite for goods such as copper, gold, silver, iron ore, and petroleum, as well as foodstuffs like asparagus, beef, and endless varieties of fruits. In addition, South America possesses a rich cultural heritage and stirring history that thrill the soul of each traveler.

"Being able to get an up close look at the many career opportunities I could have in the future before I'm even halfway done with my major was an incredible experience. Now when I go to class I can understand why I am learning those principles; I am more personally invested in my business classes. Also I have something to look forward to upon graduation. I know there is an exciting world of business out there and Go Global has prepared me for it."

-- Trevor Andersen

Going global with the Huntsman School has been one of the best academic decisions I have made. The program has helped me better understand the principles being taught in class and how they apply to the business world. It has been a worthwhile investment.

– Joshua Shelhamer


Program Details

Program Objectives

  • Students in South AmericaDevelop global awareness through visits to businesses, government offices, international organizations, and significant cultural sites
  • Learn about specific companies, including a deep-dive into the organizational mission, strategies, business practices, and product lines
  • Gain insight into opportunities in the global marketplace and learn how organizational leaders keep their organizations competitive in a constantly changing environment
  • Challenge students to think more broadly about how they will add value in the organizations where they will work

General Information

Program Requirements

  • Good academic standing
  • Minimum GPA of 2.67
  • Submission of a complete application
  • Interview with summer program leader (to be scheduled once application is submitted)
  • Mandatory enrollment during Spring Semester in BUS 2000: Foundations of International Programs (meets once a week in the evening during semester, specific dates TBA)

Available Courses (pre-requisites must be completed prior to enrollment)

Student with Native from South AmericaStudents may choose to take up to 9 credits of the following courses; a minimum of three credits is required for program participation. Students must work directly with their academic advisor for authorization to take any of the courses listed below during the program. Please note that all pre-requisites must be completed by the end of spring semester.

  • ECN 3400: Introduction to Global Economic Institutions and Business Environments (3 cr)
    • Pre-requisites: ECN 1500  and ECN 2010
  • MGT 3110: Managing Organizations and People (3 cr)
    • Pre-requisites: Admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits.
  • MTG 3500: Fundamentals of Marketing (3 cr)
    • Pre-requisites: Admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits.
  • MGT 3700: Operations Management (3 cr)
    • Pre-requisites: STAT 2300 or STAT 3000 (or equivalent STAT course for non-business major); admittance to a USU major; cumulative GPA of 2.67 or higher; and completion of at least 40 credits.

Program Cost

Program Fee: $4,500

  • Included: tuition and fees for up to 9 credits, in-country transportation (air, train, bus), hotel with daily breakfast, program visits, excursion to Machu Picchu, medical/evacuation insurance, tips, portage, taxes, polo shirt, field guide, and study abroad fees
  • Not included: roundtrip airfare* (SLC-Santiago and Lima-SLC), transportation to/from SLC airport, textbooks, cost of passports and required visas, immunizations, housing and meals during on-campus period in May, lunch and dinner during travel period, and personal expenses such as laundry, internet, souvenirs, etc.
    • *Students will make their own RT airfare. This will allow students to use frequent flier miles if available, possibly access cheaper flights, or make other travel arrangements after the program ends. Please contact Liz Allred at if assistance is needed in making these arrangements.


Summer Program Application

Application Deadline:

Application Closed

Application Requirements:

A complete application consists of all of the following items:

Online Application Includes:

(Application will include the following that should be gathered/prepared prior to beginning your application)

  1. Names and email addresses of two (2) academic references (You should request and notify your references in advance and let them know they will receive a link to an online form to complete the recommendation.)
  2. Personal Statement: Minimum 250 word statement of why you should be considered for the program.
  3. Copy of unofficial transcript (Accessible from Access/Banner – either save a copy as a PDF file and attach to your online application or print a copy and turn that into Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center)
  4. Color copy of current passport (Attach a color PDF to the online application or give a hard copy to Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center).)

Hard Copy Documentation

The general application for the summer programs is online. However, the application is not complete until you provide a hard copy of the following completed documents to Liz Allred in BUS 309 (FJ Center).

  1. Meet with your academic advisor and have them complete and sign the “Study Abroad Course Advisor Form”.
  2. Receipt for $200 deposit. You need to pay this in the Registrars Office. When you pay the deposit ask for a copy of the receipt for your records and then please turn in the original stamped receipt.  (The program deposit will be applied to the total amount of the program.)
  3. International students must turn in a hard copy of current US visa and I-20.


In addition to the submitted application, each applicant must have an interview with a Global Learning Experiences program leader. We will schedule this interview once the application is complete.


Application Closed

Travel Schedule

Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • May 30: Depart for Santiago (We will provide you with the roundtrip flight information for the programs leaders in case you wish to fly out/back with them. If you do not, we will provide information on how to get to the hotel where you will join the group.)
  • May 31 - June 5: Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile
  • June 5-7: Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru
  • June 7-17: Lima and Trujillo, Peru - participate in the SEED program
  • June 17: End of program, return to SLC or continue elsewhere


  • Students will share a twin room with the rare exception in some cases share a triple room.
  • Hotels will be either three or four star.

Travel Preparation/Documentations

Visa Requirements

  • US citizens do not need a visa to enter Chile and Peru. International student requirements vary and may require travel to another city to obtain a visa prior to departure. All costs associated with obtaining a visa are the responsibility of the student.
  • The Office of Global Enrichment will assist all students in obtaining required visas. 


Program Leader:

David Herrmann

David Herrmann, Executive-In-Residence

Location: Business 402
Office Phone: 435.797.2287

for more information, contact:

Liz Allred, Program Director for Global Enrichment

Location: Business 309 (FJ Center)
Office Phone: 435.797.7621