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Preparation is key when heading out on a global learning experience. Do you have a passport? How are you financing your global learning experience? Do you need any vaccinations?

How do you find out about what’s going on in your program location? Do you need a visa to enter that country?

The links below will help you answer these questions and more.

Financing Your Global Learning Experience (GLE)

Personal savings can play a key role in financing your GLE but there are other resources available as well. Consider scholarships, financial aid, or launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Get Ready to Learn Abroad

Passports and visas are key to traveling to another country. Note: Countries require passports to have at least six months of validity from the end date of your travel. This is especially important if you need a visa. So, check your passport if you have one to find out if you need to renew your passport!

Getting or Renewing a Passport

Be Informed

What is happening around the world, in your program country? Check out the international news sources below to get and stay informed.