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Career Boot Camps

Boot camps are short, intensive, and rigorous courses of training. Although there will be no required push-ups or pull-ups in this style of boot camp, you will undergo your own "fitness tests" to improve your career development skills. Each boot camp topic is based on student and employer feedback and is repeated three different times to accommodate your schedule. Plan to attend all sessions or just the topic(s) most relevant to your needs.

Friday, November 8, 2019: Professional Etiquette and Ethics Boot Camp

What comes to mind when you think of professional etiquette and ethics? You may think of creating an atmosphere where all employees feel respected and comfortable. Perhaps you immediately think of instances in which individuals were not ethical and the many negative consequences that came as a result. It covers this but so much more. Interestingly, professional etiquette and ethics is often more about the small daily choices we make. Come to the Professional Etiquette and Ethics Boot Camp to learn about how this topic impacts you and future Huntsman students and alumni. Each topic at the boot camp style workshop will be presented at 8:30, 9:30, and 11:30 am in three different classrooms to accommodate your schedule. Plan to attend all sessions if possible.


8:30 Sessions

9:30 Sessions

10:30 Forum

11:30 Sessions

Professional Etiquette:

Julie Pond, Program Coordinator for the Master of Human Resources Program, will lead the presentation and discussion on professional etiquette. This workshop will discuss professional etiquette and its role in Business, highlighting both written and unwritten rules of professional etiquette. 

HH 370

HH 370

Leadership Forum Speaker

HH 370

Inter-generational Workforce/Workplace Tolerance:

Tolerant, respectful, and inclusive workplaces do not simply happen by chance. It takes deliberate actions and choices by all involved- from interns up to the CEO. Navigating differences can be tricky, but it's essential to ensure creative and collaborative workplaces. This workshop will give specific examples, tools, and strategies to help you better understand the inter-generational workforce and workplace tolerance.

HH 260 HH 260 HH 270


General rules of business ethics include honesty, integrity, fairness, respect for others, etc. This workshop will dive deeper into ethics and discuss specific situations you may encounter. For example, we will discuss reneging on job offers, articulating your professional and academic experience, and more to help you feel prepared as you personally face some of these ethical dilemmas.

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