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Student in an interview.

We welcome your interest in hiring our students, and we're confident that you will find our students have the global vision, analytical rigor, entrepreneurial spirit, and ethical leadership to add immediate value to your organization.

All jobs and internships available to our students are posted on Career Aggie, a service of Utah State University’s Career Services Office. USU policy requires that all employers adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All jobs and internships posted must be career-related/professionally-oriented and require candidates to be pursuing or already possessing a USU degree.
  • Third-party recruiters (e.g., employment agencies) may post specific positions with specific clients on Career Aggie, but may not post general advertisements to solicit candidates for their services.
  • Internship postings must meet the definition and criteria established for internships by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). For more information, please see the internships section.

Job and internship postings with the following requirements are ineligible:

  • Positions requiring or asking employees to market products/services on campus. Examples include campus brand ambassador and similar positions.
  • Fee-based programs. Examples include fee-based training programs, fee-based placements or positions requiring the purchase of supplies or a training kit.
  • Postings advertising events, services or programs (e.g., career fairs, test prep, etc.).

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