Design Team


The mission of the Design Team is to develop technical assets for new venture businesses while providing valuable experience for engineering and technology students. We can help make your new products and technology innovations a reality.


  1. All ideas must be presented to the Innovation and Development Teams and be deemed marketable before they are presented to the Design Team.
  2. An appointment may be established by contacting a member of the Design Team at the email addresses listed below.
  3. After the initial appointment, the Design Team will determine the feasibility of successfully designing and creating the proposed product.
  4. A percentage of profit gained by the future product will be agreed upon as the cost for the services of the design team. There will be no upfront costs, however, material costs and production costs must be covered by the client.
  5. A proposed written agreement will be presented to the client. The timeline for the project and all deliverables will be outlined in the agreement.


Vice President: Jeffrey Lewis -

Vice President: Brandon Asay -


Don Cripps, Faculty Member in the College of Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering