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Opportunity Quest

What is the OQ Competition?

Opportunity Quest (OQ) is a business plan competition at USU that seeks to find the most competitive and professional executive summary and elevator pitch video for a new or existing student business. It is part of the Utah Entrepreneur Series, a series of competitions that prepare students for the state-wide entrepreneur competition, "Utah Entrepreneur Challenge" (UEC).

  • The competition is open to all students (any major) at Utah State University
  • Each year $8,000 in prize money is given away (1st Place = $5,000, 2nd Place = $2,000, 3rd = $1,000)
  • The Top 10 finalists get exclusive access to mentors, all members from The Center for Entrepreneurship Founders Board
  • USU winner is automatically advanced to to Top 30 of the UEC ($100K in prizes)

2017-18 Top 11

Congratulations to our top 11 student businesses for 2017-18!


Experience is a SaaS technology company that sells operations software to the auto care industry. With a huge demand within the auto care market, and well-defined features, Experience has created the best software program available to date.


Glaze mobile headlight restoration changed the way you see. Literally. Based on convenience for the customer, Glaze has tapped into the $100 billion auto-care industry. With some cars needing headlight restoration after just 5 years, the customer base is large and in need.

Innovative Fitness Equipment

Innovative Fitness Equipment’s purpose is to create and sell fitness and training equipment for home or gym use. Based on the skills and techniques from gymnastics and calisthenics, Innovative Fitness Equipment is designed to help users develop better core strength and promote a healthier lifestyle.


JumpCampus is an online platform that simplifies the unorganized lives of college students. With so many different choices facing students in today’s world, and over 20 million students, JumpCampus can help you create your college dream job, find housing, buy and sell textbooks, gain information about professors and learn about the many different clubs and activities that happen on campus today.


Limid is revolutionizing the way orange safety flags are looked in the boating industry. A 1 ft.-tall LED orange light will provide safety for those in the water and for those in boats around them. Safety is paramount in the boating industry, and Limid is dedicated to enriching people’s lives by keeping them safe.


Nani Swimwear designs and makes trendy swimsuits with more coverage and at a better price. Nani means beautiful in Hawaiian, which is what kind of lives Nani is committed to bring their customers. From mid-kinis and tan-kinis to one piece swimsuits, there is something for everyone with Nani Swimwear.

Powder Soles

Getting stuck as a snowboarder is never fun, so Powder Soles has created a way to quickly get unstuck and back to riding. They have developed quick-release, expandable snowshoes that are low profile and work with any snowboard binding. Once the rider is free from the deep snow, it is quick and easy to reconnect, and get back to riding.

Slash J Ranch

Slash J Ranch produces high quality custom beef for local consumers and restaurants. Slash J Ranch has happy cows that have natural grazing patterns like their ancestors. This allows the beef to have more flavor that is higher in Omega-3 than store bought in stores.

Smash-Tech Marketing

Smash-Tech Marketing helps companies advertise their products through their own customers. Through their app, customers can get paid for posting on social media about their purchase.


TempSumo provides on-demand employment on a mobile platform. The app connects job seekers to hundreds of job opportunities, and enables employers to fill shortages and hire pre-screened reliable candidates on-demand. By offering a higher pay to workers than other staffing agencies, TempSumo will provide real jobs to those in need.

Waves Technology

Waves Technology solves a simple problem that everyone has: battery life for our mobile devices. Since we are always out on the go, Waves reinvented making sure our devices have enough juice. They make a down jacket with a pocket that can charge your device wirelessly, so you can always have enough battery while on the go.

Why Join / Participate

The competition fosters and promotes business growth at the college and university level by giving students a chance to organize, direct, and present a business idea to a panel of judges. Opportunity Quest provides teams with an educational forum to prepare them for the competition and aid them in the creation and implementation of their business plan. By joining you will:

  • Get helpful feedback in order to move forward with you business opportunity 
  • Attend free workshops to coach you on how to write the different aspects of an executive summary
  • Receive tips and insights from other students who have participated in past competitions
  • Set deadlines, motivate and push yourself to focus on building a successful business 
  • Build your network by meeting like-minded students and faculty
  • Get the cash you need to jump start your business venture
  • Gain skills and resources you need to be an entrepreneur 

Rules and Registration

Download a copy of the competition packet for official rules and guide to competition

Opportunity Quest Submission Link: