Resources for Entrepreneurs

The Jeffrey D. Clark Center for Entrepreneurship aids students in the creation of new organizations that promote independence and self-sufficiency, and make significant contributions to the community in which they operate. Specifically, the center brings together a host of resources from the campus and the community to facilitate the development of successful new ventures.

Some of the resources offered include:

Tools for Assessing Business Opportunities

Funding Sources for New Ventures

Marketing and Branding Services

Web Design

Mentoring Programs

Other Resources - A free software similar to Adobe Photoshop

Business Plan Software - available in the Entrepreneur Center Student Conference room this provides access to over 2,000 sample business plans and can help you write a your business plan - USU students providing design work for companies and student start ups including logo design, web development, graphic design, app creations, prototyping, and more.

Have questions about Patents or Trademarks? Come talk to us and we can get you in touch with lawyers that can help. Contact with questions.