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Mentoring Programs

Students looking for mentoring and help on their business idea or plan have many resources available to them. To be considered for our mentoring programs, we strongly encourage students to complete the following:

Meet with Entrepreneurship Student Experts

The entrepreneurship club is organized into teams that specialize in helping new business start-ups. There are four teams that can help you build your business: Innovation, Development, Design, and Consulting. The teams are designed so you can work through them in order. Click on a team to find out if they are the right place for you to start and for contact information. 

Innovation Team (idea generation and idea refinement)

Design Team (prototype, software/hardware, application development)

Consulting Team (business plan development, launch and execution of business)

Receive a Mentorship Recommendation

Once you've "graduated" from the consulting team, they can recommend you receive a mentor. Our Founders Board Members generously serve to help mentor student companies, and come from a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets.